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Nordplus Collaboration project
🇱🇻 Latvia - Ecological Future Education
🇱🇻 Latvia - Azote
🇱🇻 Latvia - Izglītības inovāciju pārneses centrs
🇱🇹 Lithuania - Kedainiai adult and youth education centre
🇱🇹 Lithuania - Silute youth and adult education center
🇩🇰 Denmark - SFOF Djursland

Our general aim is to spread information and understanding about how important active citizenship as regards to sustainable development is. We are facing climate changes and if we do not act on all levels, then it will simply be too late.

It is important that ordinary people get to know how they can act to reduce the danger. We say “ordinary people”, because we want to emphasize the role that people can play in their everyday lives. You do not have to be an academic or a scientist to understand the importance of the situation. Our project will contribute by illustrating practical examples of sustainable living involving the local population, which can be used as an inspiration for others and hopefully will exert pressure on our politicians and local authorities, as the demands and expectations of the population play a big part in forming political


Project preparatory visit - Denmark

Because the different organizations did not know each other, it was important for us to have a preparatory meeting. This meeting took place in August 2018 with great success and we agreed on the plans.
The possibility of seeing practical examples, which are relevant, is an integral part of our project.
During the visit partners explored Knebelbro and presentation of “Det blå torv”, The blue square, a project connected with the development of the harbour, an example of active citizenship. The partners also learned about the municipality agenda for sustainable energy, saw local examples of sustainable consumption – private homes with sustainable energy installations.
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