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Environmental Responsibility: From Individual to Community Action
Erasmus+ Youth Exchange



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Participant countries:

🇮🇹 Italy

🇱🇻 Latvia

🇵🇹 Portugal

🇹🇷 Turkey

🇬🇧 United Kingdom 

The ERICA project recognises that environmental challenges affect the world on different scales and some problems are even shared among countries. It therefore becomes important to incentivise the debate regarding these issues to share solutions and find innovative answers. For this reason, the project aims to encourage the debate among young people and to provide them with the tools to carry out critical analysis of their own lifestyles, choices, and communities.
The project consists in a one-week international workshop in Portugal with young people (18–30) with the specific aim to promote environmental responsibility and encourage environmental community action. The workshop entails participatory and non-formal learning opportunities. 
The workshop will focus on three main topics: environmental issues (global topics, and country focused ones), individual actions (footprint measurement, how to be more conscious about products and services consumption), and community actions (develop small community projects, encourage volunteering).

Dalībnieku atsauksmes:

"Despite the weather, ERICA project will definitely be remembered by me as a positive experience – informal atmosphere and friendly people created a festive feeling. Every day we debated, took part in teams and developed improvised projects/solutions, and this gave a new perspective on further development. Many thanks to the Latvian team, it was a pleasure to be there, thanks to the organisers and of course EFE for the possibility to go there."

"The project gave me a great opportunity to meet people from different countries and of various professions, as well as the ability to develop a skill to cooperate with the others and to understand the cultural differences. The contacts I have gained is a valuable resource for my future life, both personal and professional." 

"One definitely needs to try to apply for such projects, as it may lead to getting new friends all around the world, a wonderful experience, memories, adventures and new impressions that will be useful also in future."

"During the project, we got more acquainted with the environment from different perspectives – ecotourism, sustainability, volunteering. During the project we gained not only the theoretical knowledge, but also acquired and improved such social skills as team work, leadership and presentation skills which will definitely be useful in daily life."

"The project was great for gaining new acquaintances and friends because everyone was interested in the topic of the project. It was possible to improve my cooperation skills, because for the most part we did team work, thus improving our ability to listen to others, be tolerant of other’s opinion, and the ability to spread my knowledge and educate others."

"At the end, the project had taught me things I did not even expect from it – to have awareness of cultures previously unknown to me, how to work with people who think differently and to understand that thinking differently does not always mean thinking wrong. Without doubt, participation in the project encouraged and inspired me to start new things. In my opinion, participation in this and other similar projects is very important for everybody to gain international experience and to become a part of the society that is more open and understanding."

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