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Meeting Point of European Solidarity to Increase Respect



Participant countries:

🇱🇻 Latvia

🇱🇹 Lithuania 

🇬🇷 Greece

🇪🇸 Spain

🇷🇴 Romania

🇹🇷 Turkey

Project objectives:

  1. To inform young people and youth workers about the Environment (problems, solutions) and Climate Change issues and to increase their awareness,

2. To increase the awareness of young people about healthy life,

3. To contribute to the European Community by showing the cultural diversity of Europe to young people.



Activities During the Mobility:

Presentations, activities related to increase awareness on nature and ecology, nature walks, endemic plants identification, planting trees, workshops and international groups, excursions to cultural sites, cultural arts workshops ect.


Manisa, is an ancient city with its glass, inns, baths, common buildings, Mevlevi buildings and museums monuments, etc. which are the important legacies of world history with its Turkish culture. With the activities to be carried out within the project, European young people will become more familiar with both Turkish culture and the World culture and will increase their knowledge of Europe's cultural diversity.



Participants’ reviews:
"The information was presented to us, young people, in an interesting manner – learning through personal experience and the experience of others, participation in international environment, acquiring of skills and knowledge and also practical application of those, excursions and leisure activities.
In my opinion, one of the most important things in this project was the intercultural dialogue, breaking of stereotypes and also stepping out of my comfort zone, which broadens our view on the environment."
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