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Ecological Future Education or EFE has been created with the aim to promote a sustainable development mindset in the everyday life. Sustainable education including active citizenship is one of EFE's main activities. Raising awareness through education by providing open lectures and informational materials to easier understand environmental and sustainable development issues. 


The aim is to help introduce new learning and thinking methods which would promote environmental awareness as an interesting adventure where everyone participates, thus making the world a better place.


The objective is to inform youth about environmental issues, and daily habit awareness, to improve young people's skills and competencies in relation to green thinking and to raise social responsibility. 


The mission of all the things we do is to create a community with a daring and caring attitude with a strong responsibility to lead to change. It is important to teach to love and safeguard the world, to think green and to protect the environment.



EFE focuses on environmental education and green habit awareness. Environmental education is the process of learning about and understanding the natural world, as well as our role in it. It includes learning about the environment, the effects of human activity on the environment, and how we can protect and preserve natural resources for the future. EFE promotes environmental education by raising awareness about environmental issues. We work to educate the public about environmental topics, as well as advocate for policies and practices that are environmentally sustainable. 


We are an innovative and progressive educational company that specializes in teaching sustainability, global issues, and green habit awareness to young people and adults. 


EFE's team consists of educators and volunteers who work together to share our knowledge and skills, create sustainable solutions and foster a sense of social responsibility. We believe in education that inspires people to think green, lead and act in the direction of sustainable development. 

We believe that the future of our planet is in the hands of every one of us. It is important to be a responsible citizen who cares about the world by taking a stand against climate change. These ideals can be achieved by making small changes in our everyday routine. We believe education is the key to achieving sustainable development and living together with honesty and with care.


EFE aims to empower by taking action and showing how everyone can achieve a more sustainable lifestyle. EFE's approach is to talk, explain and introduce the same topics in a different way, and to find a way to empower participants to change their daily habits. 



EFE offers various interesting seminars in English and Latvian languages, both for young people and adults on how to make our everyday life greener and environmentally friendly.

As regards undertakings, EFE offers consultations regarding ecological and healthy working climates.


To raise social awareness about environmental issues EFE organise a wide range of workshops - zero waste lifestyle, habit awareness, upcycling, sewing reusable produce bags, making beeswax wrap, green home, green office and also about the circular economy as a business model, and others.

For young people and school pupils, EFE organises nature activities, like painting with nature, orientation, nature bingo, hiking, forest exploring, etc. These groups encourage pupils’ tolerance and understanding regarding nature around us. 


EFE's work is directly linked with the Sustainable Development Goals and as there isn’t just one simple solution that could solve climate change and fix environmental issues, or other issues our and future generations will need to fight for, what we can do is to tackle the problems with a lot of small actions all at the same time. That is why it is important that there has to be a lot of us working together.


Interested in our offer? Feel free to contact us. 

We are open to cooperation and if you have any ideas or wishes, please let us know. We are also fast learners and are open to improving our offers and creating new training activities based on your demand. 


EFE offers youth participants and youth workers opportunities to participate in mobility training activities abroad on various topics. Training opportunities are posted on our social media pages  Instagram or/and Facebook (@EcologicalFutureEducation). 


We are constantly offering new training opportunities in Latvian and English languages based on Erasmus+, Nordplus and other European Funded projects. Trainings are organised in person, online or offered as a self-training tool.

If you like to read, learn more, and share your feedback - we are looking for test/pilot participants. Test content can be in Latvian and/or English language and it can include training curriculum, toolkits, online websites, games, assessment tools, language tests, etc. 


Also we are always looking for different targets to participate in focus groups researches. Focus groups can be organised as online questionnaires or interviews.


Contact us, if you are interested in becoming a project tester –


No open vacancies for now, but if you are passionate about the environment, if you can do something that we can’t and most importantly if you have a mind full of creative and unrealistic ideas.  Feel free to contact us, we will figure something out.

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