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🇪🇸 Spain - Asociacion de Innovacion Formaciony Empleo para el Desarrollo Sostenible
🇱🇻 Latvia - Ecological Future Education
🇵🇹 Portugal - Cuboforma

The main objective of the project is to improve the educational activities offered to adults by partner organisations through the development of their digital education practices/methodologies and staff competences. The specific objectives are to develop adult educators’ specific competences of the design, implementation and deliver of online courses for adult education.

During the project there are planned three courses, one in each of the participating countries. The target groups of these courses are adult educators of the participating organisations. The courses explore subjects such as technologies and new medias used in the development of online courses, instructional design tools and universal design for learning principles. The third course is dedicated to developing adult educators’ skills for facilitating online courses

The main tangible result of the project is the development of a tool-kit with practical tips for the transition to digital education including 9 innovative methods of digital adult education. The other results are the development of competences of the staff of the participating organisations to plan, deliver and facilitate online education as well as the capacity building and development of the involved organisations.

The target groups of this project can be defined in two main categories: within the partnership and outside the partnership.

Within the partnership, the target groups of this project are represented by the adult educators (trainers, facilitators, teachers) and the staff of the partner organisation. The adult educators working for each of the 3 participating organisations will develop their key competences to design and implement adult education courses. Outside the partnership, we are targeting other adult education providers at EU level. In the framework of our visibility and dissemination activities, we will promote the results of our project: a toolkit with methods. The aim is to raise awareness among adult education organisations of the need to specialise in the delivery of digital education. The toolkit will be designed to be an empowerment tool and a starting point for other adult organisations wishing to start the process of developing the necessary practices for online education.

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