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International Team for Circular & Accessible Tourism

Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnership
🇮🇹 Italy - New Horizons
🇱🇻 Latvia - Ecological Future Education

🇬🇷 Greece - ERGASIA
🇪🇸 Spain - 
🇵🇹 Portugal - PREVIFORM
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Tourism is recognized as one of the most important economic sectors worldwide due to its huge potential in generating economic growth and jobs and in Europe supports 25 million jobs, directly and indirectly.

Circular Tourism and Accessible Tourism (CAT) are seen as two fast-growing and sustainable sectors. These two emerging segments are expected to create a competitive niche for disadvantaged regions pursuing sustainable development. Nevertheless, the shortage in related VET training reported in various countries poses lamentable hurdles to their take-off and actions should be taken to increase the Training resources. 


The objectives mean to: 

- identify and exchange the best training practices in 5 project's countries according to an evidence-based approach, to be compiled into a Glossary of Training Items for CAT;

- offer solutions to skills mismatches in CAT and shortage of labour in the sector;

- adapt existing learning methods and materials with new evolved methods and realities in CAT, using a bespoke DIATool (Destination Image Analysis tool). 


The partnership presents an ample geographical distribution that will help to exploit different experiences and contexts and to disseminate the project’s results all over Europe. The project consortium contains certified VET training institutions, university-business foundations and youth organisations from 5 European coastal countries: Latvia, Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal. 


The project targets three main groups: 

- TG1: Tourism training providers, including VET centres, academies, colleges and associations;

- TG2: Tourism students, operative staff and managers;

- TG3: Local & European public authorities, stakeholding agencies and advocacy groups. 


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