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Promoting and Tracking Environmental Sustainability in VET



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The European Commission has set the ambitious goal of achieving the climate neutrality by the year 2050 (Green Comp/2020). This aim can only be achieved if respective initiatives are started right now and ignite relevant changes in the understanding, perception and implementation of environmental-friendly attitudes are implemented throughout all the levels of the entire economy. The need of transition to a “greener” both production and consumption has been at the agenda of not only developing, but also already developed countries and economies (UNESCO/2017). The United Nations has adopted a set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals in 2015. 

The positive impact on the environment will require new set of skills for many of the future jobs. EnviroVET plans to contribute and support this shift by providing relevant knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to VET institutions, VET professionals and VET learners in order to develop a resource-efficient and sustainable society. Only through a common effort at all levels of the economy and industry, the real change could be made. We all, as the humanity, are equally responsible for making it happen.


The project wants to achieve professional development of VET practitioners, with a specific focus on increasing environmental awareness and quantifying environmental impact in the VET sector. It is also expected that through the activities of the project, wider stakeholders such as learners, VET policy makers WBL providers will be engaged to positively impact VET staff and organisations to become true agents of environmental change.


The main results of the project are: 

  1. EnviroVET Best Practice Toolkit, 

  2. EnviroVET Environmental Charter, 

  3. EnviroVET Environmental Impact Measurement Tool,

  4. EnviroVET Facilitator eCourse. 

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